The most effective marketing strategy for promoting your NFT

Can you guess the most significant sort of marketing for NFTs and Web3? Make an educated guess. #Trust Marketing is the finest sort of #marketing for non-profits. It’s been there for decades but is hardly mentioned nowadays. The money will arrive. Your marketing and advertising purpose in trust marketing is not to earn sales. Everyone else […]

10 Uses for NFTs that are practical and will revolutionise society

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have finally provided us with a way to demonstrate ownership of digital assets. After gaining widespread acceptance in the last two years, institutions, businesses, and organisations continue to use NFTs to generate funds. Massive brands, corporations, and even governmental entities realize the value of using #blockchain #technology. #Meta will soon integrate #NFTs […]

The Interactive NFTs (NFT 2.0)

When we think of NFTs, we usually think of profile picture collections, but that’s not the case. Any digital art can be converted to NFT. NFTs are currently all about static art files. A static file is kept in a decentralized storage system such as IPFS, and its hash is recorded within a smart contract. […]

Top 10 Web 3.0 terms you should know

Knowing a specific location’s terminology always provides a sense of inclusion and instills comprehension of the field. The following are the top ten terms that, in my perspective, appear often throughout the “WEB3 Talks.” ABI, stands for Application Binary Interface, is defined as the #interface between two binary program modules. One of these modules is […]