Branding Yourself as a Personal Brand: Marketing’s Top-Secret Ingredient

Personal Branding: What Is It? Have you heard of this term? Is your company slowly dying? Has your company’s growth stopped after reaching a certain level? You do not have a digital presence yet? I believe I have identified the problem! I spoke with a couple of my friends who are currently running businesses but […]

8 Tips for Starting Your Personal Branding Online Today

Set a GOAL. A goal implies a plan because a goal without a plan is just a dream, and we can’t build and sell dreams. Marketing without a strategy is simply posting. If we only post, some content will succeed while others will fail, and we won’t know why. You’re gambling with your most valuable […]

Personal Branding: What the 1980s Knew

Big hair, vivid colors, and distinctive personal styles were famous throughout the 1980s. Then there were icons of fashion and culture, and then there were celebrities.