August 3, 2022

Personal Branding: What the 1980s Knew.

Big hair, vivid colors, and distinctive personal styles were famous throughout the 1980s. Then there were icons of fashion and culture, and then there were celebrities.

Even though it may be difficult to imagine today, several of these fashion superstars were seen as rebels back in the day. They were just interested in using their dress as self-expression; they didn’t care what others thought.

There are still plenty of personal branding strategies that 80s fashion heroes may use today.  Madonna was one of the most recognizable personal brands of the 1980s. She was renowned for her outlandish attire and her brazen demeanor. Being authentic and expressing oneself were the pillars of her own brand. Madonna just wanted to be herself and didn’t care what other people thought of her. Grace Jones was another ’80s icon for personal branding. She was well recognized for her sassy demeanor and androgynous fashion sense. Grace Jones didn’t mind standing out from the crowd and expressing her individuality via her own brand.

Personal branding is more important than ever these days. We all have the chance to develop our personal brands through social media and connect with a large audience. In order to be seen and heard in our professional lives, we may employ personal branding.

But how can you ensure that your unique brand stands out amid a sea of competing brands?

Be Courageous

It was all about being audacious and making a statement in the 1980s. Nobody was frightened to dress outrageously. And there are lessons to be learned there for personal branding. Don’t even attempt to blend in; instead, draw attention. You must be willing to stand out if you want people to notice your personal brand. Don’t be scared to experiment with your personal brand’s appearance and message. People are more likely to remember you if you are distinctive.

Be assured

When it comes to personal branding, confidence is crucial. Nobody will believe in your brand if you don’t. Always keep in mind that personal branding is all about marketing your abilities and yourself. So, if you’re not sure about what you’re delivering, neither will anybody else. Can you see Billy Idol being timid?

Don’t Fake It

One of the most crucial components of personal branding is authenticity. People can sense whether you’re being sincere or not, and if they understand that your brand is genuine, they will value it more. Show the world what makes you a rockstar by putting all of your heart and soul into all of your marketing and branding materials.

In the modern world, personal branding is crucial for success. But many individuals are unaware that personal branding must be renewed and updated often to be relevant. In the age of social media, this is particularly true. With so much competition, it’s crucial to prevent the fading of your own brand. Be fearless, intelligent, and shamelessly authentic.

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