August 22, 2022

The most effective marketing strategy for promoting your NFT.

Can you guess the most significant sort of marketing for NFTs and Web3? Make an educated guess.

#Trust Marketing is the finest sort of #marketing for non-profits. It’s been there for decades but is hardly mentioned nowadays.

The money will arrive.

Your marketing and advertising purpose in trust marketing is not to earn sales.

Everyone else is doing the same thing.

Your objective is not to make money.

It is done to gain trust.

Then the sales will begin.

Let us conduct a small experiment to demonstrate the power of #trust. Today, while you go about your day, pay attention to the actions you do and how much trust is involved in your decision-making. Would you make the same decisions if you didn’t have faith in other people?

With all of the #scams, #hacks, DM phishing attempts, and #Ponzi schemes… #web3 and NFTs have a trust issue.

The most challenging environment in which to sell is one that is distrustful and distrusting.

To establish a #community and make sales, you must find a solution to overcome this big barrier.

That is possible with Trust Marketing.

“Trust Marketing” is undoubtedly the most significant marketing tactic for #web3 and #NFTs.

According to marketing guru Dan Kennedy, eight characteristics will help you acquire trust quickly!

They are as follows:

Authorities as: Doctor, lawyer, accountant, police officer, or firefighter

Affinity refers to a shared history, experience, ideology, or fraternity.

Credibility – a factual foundation for trust

Being a celebrity is being well-known for something.

The comforting omnipresence of familiarity

Frequency – the more often something is heard or seen, the more easily it may be trusted.

Second-Party Transferral endorsement can be earned, engineered, borrowed, hired, or purchased.

Years in business and in the community, longevity

Geographic or target market location; being for a certain customer

Seeing is believing when it comes to demonstrations.

As you read through this list, consider how each of them fosters trust in its own unique way.

“Trust is only earned when one person takes a risk and is not hurt.” It grows as both people take more risks while remaining unharmed.” – Glen Williams

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