August 26, 2022

The Top 10 Web3 Design Inspiration Websites.

1) AKU

Aku is a young, Black #digital explorer dressed as an astronaut with a helmet, chasing his dreams, created by former #MLB (Major League Baseball) player turned digital artist Micah Johnson, who consistently delivers quality #NFTs. Fast Companies recently named AKU one of the most innovative media companies, demonstrating the success of new #Web3 media and storytelling.

2) OpenSea

#OpenSea, the world’s largest game-changing #decentralized #marketplace, allows users to buy and sell #NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the secondary market and create their own NFT collections to sell on the primary market (creator’s own website).

Without interacting directly with the #blockchain, OpenSea provides a simple interface for listing, browsing, and bidding on #tokens.

However, despite successful traction and a $13 billion valuation in a recent funding round, OpenSea’s users were attacked by phishing, and 254 tokens were stolen on February 19, 2022, causing panic among the site’s users.

According to Alexander Klus on CoinTelegraph, this highlights the urgent need for NFT marketplaces to step up their security game, such as better signing standards (#EIP-712) so people can see what they are doing when approving a #transaction.

3) Protocol Laboratories

Protocol Labs was founded in May 2014 by Juan Benet, the inventor of #IPFS and #Filecoin, as an open-source research and development lab to create #protocols, tools, and services to improve the internet radically.

Protocol Labs intends to accomplish this in two ways:

  1. to improve the internet and computing in general
  2. to accelerate the pipeline from ideas to superpowers.

#Filecoin, a decentralized file storage alternative to Dropbox, is one of Protocol Labs’ main products. Protocol Labs was also a participant in the YCombinator program (S14) and was funded by Andreessen Horowitz.

4) ConsenSys

“Help us realize #Web3, the evolution of the internet,”

says the company’s career page.

ConsenSys, the creator of a leading Web3 product suite that includes #Metamask (#Crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps), Infura (#APIs and Developer Tools), #Quorum (Enterprise open-source blockchain platform), Diligence (Smart contract), Codefi (Blockchain app suite for commerce & finance), and Truffle (acquired-Smart contract tools), aims to unleash the collaborative power of communities by making Web3 universally easy to use.

5) Avocado DAO

Guild is a #Play-to-Earn (#P2E) that invests in current and future #NFT assets within #games and emerging #Metaverses, then lends the NFTs back to guild members to maximize yield.

The official game partnerships formed are #Axie Infinity, #Thetan Arena, CyBall, Elpis Battle, and REVV Racing. So far, over 10,700 scholars have signed up to play Axie Infinity, with total earnings of more than 90 million $SLP, changing lives and providing rewarding experiences.

6) Magic Eden

Magic Eden has done $200M in trading volume in its first two months since launch to become the #1 NFT marketplace on #Solana. Users can browse and discover the best and most recent Solana NFT collections, play Eden games like Mini Royale and Panzerdogs, and engage in auctions and trading.

All transactions at Magic Eden are subject to a 2% fee.

7) Express Station

Upon entering the site, you will see a marquee scrolling across horizontally, similar to websites from the 1990s, saying “Welcome to Station.”

Station builds an #on-chain infrastructure where contributors can collaborate to onboard and coordinate for a new type of Web3 work. Come along for the ride!

8) CyBall

CyBall is Soccer Meets Metaverse, a soccer-themed game with a Play-to-Earn model in which users can create and train teams of NFT players (known as CyBlocs) before competing against players from all over the world.

9) Chillout

Chillchat is a Create-to-Earn pixel art Metaverse (#Pixelverse) created entirely by players, where you can embark on an adventure as a new character. So far, 1,500 animated 1/1 NFT Origins have been released.

10) AUDT Stablecoin

The Australian dollar is linked to the AUDT Stablecoin. Because the #crypto world can be volatile, AUDT #Stablecoin has created a new #AUDT stablecoin that allows for quick conversion of #AUD #tokens back to Australian dollars, is audited, is protected by licensed banks, and is hosted on best-in-class Ethereum technology.

AUDT Stablecoin combines traditional currency’s stability and trust with cryptocurrency’s openness and freedom.

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